5 Reasons Why Your Teeth Don't Stay White

It's not secret as we get older and older, our teeth start to lose it's vitality. However, we should never have to sacrifice white teeth because how we live our lives.
Here are the top 5 overlooked reasons that cause your teeth to decay.
  • Food and artificial coloring in food. Artificial food coloring makes teeth look yellowish or deteriorates the tooth enamel which gives us the white look. 

  • Years of yellowing and staining of  teeth because of smoking, coffee, chewing tobacco and tea.

  • Grinding your teeth weaken the tooth enamel which in turn over time, causes that yellow color in your teeth.
  • Accidents can cause to tooth enamel damage which means that it can lead into a problem later in life.

  • Wear and tear as you get older. Teeth naturally get more and more yellow as time goes on and its a natural process.

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