I’ve struggled with yellow/stained teeth for so long. I’m honestly so happy I decided to give this product a try because I was skeptical how a product like this would work, but after just two weeks of using it twice a day I started to notice a massive difference.


As someone with very sensitive teeth. I love that this product doesn’t cause any sensitivity and how instant the results are ❤️


I smoke and drink a cup of coffee everyday. My teeth were quite stained and didn’t look to great, but ever since I started to use the Activated Charcoal, let’s just say the results were worth smiling about. I had brighter, whiter teeth in as little as four days, no joke.


I honestly didn’t expect Activated Charcoal to work this well #LuxurySmileClub


I really like how this product is flavor free and how quickly it works! I noticed results after just one use. It gives me something to look forward to before I go to bed 😂❤️


We all want a bright white smile, but getting regular dental whitening treatments can be costly, time consuming and uncomfortable. All those chemicals can be irritating and harmful, so natural solutions are preferable! I highly recommend you try this product out.


If you’ve got sensitive teeth and you’d like to whiten your teeth naturally, this is your new go to for a bright, white smile without the side effects.


I finally found a complete natural whitening system that eliminates bacteria, strengthens enamel, freshens the breath and whitens teeth without the chemicals. I’m beyond pleased that this stuff actually works! I saw results in just three uses.


I really want to emphasize this brand because it’s cruelty free which means they don’t test on animals which is a huge plus, but also is all natural and vegan friendly. You may be thinking.. Wait what.. how does charcoal work because it turns your teeth black.. It neutralizes bacteria, odors, stains and helps to purify your entire mouth naturally without the toxic chemicals.


I’ve been searching for a natural teeth whitening solution that is natural, efficient and doesn't leave my teeth or gums sensitive. The activated coconut charcoal by Luxury Smile Club has been my go-to for a brighter smile.